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Opening safe with Covid-19

We  have now moved in the new shop. We are trading but far from finished!

Opening times are:

Tuesday - Friday 10-4

Saturday 10.30 - 3.30

Face Masks

Face masks are quickly becoming the norm. I have made 'surgical style'(tied at the back) facemasks for sale. Please note that these masks/face coverings are not hospital quality and have not had the tests for that. They will not protect you from Covid-19.

You will be able to select the mask fabric from a huge selection from this site. They are also free delivery - when checking out select 'FACEMASKS ONLY' from the 'standard shipping' dropdown menu.


We have beautiful fabrics for each and every project you have in mind. These fabrics have designs from the likes of Michael Miller, The Three Sisters, Henry Glass, Deb Strain, Little Johnny and many more.

3 Sisters is a collaboration born of mutual love and respect. This family of designers each dedicate their own voice to every collection. Vintage chic, country sophistication and an appreciation for the simple elegance of life are just a few of the stylistic threads that are woven into their designs. The widespread popularity of this dy­namic trio can be attributed to their keen eye for rich yet subtle color choices and a gentle finesse of both scale and pattern.

For free patterns using 3 Sisters
fabrics go to


We are very fortunate to have Andrea from AWSewing Services coming into the shop to teach beginners dress making. A WEEKEND course for all of you who want to make your own clothes. If this is a popular class Andrea will be taking an intermediate class also.


As soon as the rules are relaxed more workshops will start again.

It is a priority for me in my shop that everyone who takes a workshop gets all the attention needed to learn and grow. Our Classes are never large and we teach a a speed for everyone to join. There is never judgment on how good or fast you are, enjoying the process and learning a new skill is more important.  You can never ask  the same question too many times!

Machine servicing still available

Machine servicing is still available. We can arrange for your machine to be serviced by dropping your machine at the shop, we can have it collected , serviced and ready for collection within a week. 


Winking Owl Emporium

We have now opened an area especially for those people who want to set up a small home made business. They can bring in items they make ie. candles, furniture, bags, cushions jewelry and many more.


The website is just open but for more information  go to- 

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This website was created from the love and addiction to sewing.

Feel free to look around my site, where you'll discover free patterns for you to use in order to make your own homemade projects and fabrics available to purchase in 1/4 metre measurements .

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