Hello, My name is Tanya Smith, I am a mum of four, a wife and a dog mum and I am the owner of Winking Owl Fabric Shop and The Blossom Trees. I have always been into sewing and crafts. I learnt to sew when I was about 8 when my nan would give me some cotton and fabric to keep me occupied whilst my mum and dad worked. I have been making clothes, curtains and anything i could create ever since. When we bought our first house 23 years ago we couldn't afford new so I painted old furniture to match what I had. Then we had 4 children and I didn't want anything new for them to destroy. Now I just love to process and paints have changed so the finishes are so much better. 
I decided to open my fabric shop because we have nothing in my area for patchwork and sewing. I decided to contact Moda and Eqs as these had the fabric designers I liked and went from there. I then started to upcycle furniture for my daughters bedroom and decided that I could upcycle furniture, fabrics and decor. As my confidence grew I started a blog then filming for youtube. I have so many plans and ideas that I won't run out of products to make and sell!!

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Tel: 07952028417|  Email: winkingowl@outlook.com| Facebook: Winking Owl Fabric Shop

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