And the Award goes to......

Yes I won!!!!. Well what a lovely night. I met so many great people in different businesses. All the ladies were in their frocks and the gents in their lounge suits, some even in a dickie! We did start with the welcome drinks, which we had three.....

We then sat on a table of 10 which was a bit daunting for a woman who has only had her shop for a year. But I was put at ease very quickly by the guests at the table. When It came to the announcement I didn't really hear but my husband did....was a long walk to the front. Ok had my brag what else happened this week...

We had some new fabric arrive. I so love this space fabric, the prink is so crisp and clear. I really want to make a quilt for myself out of Serenity.

I started you tube this week. I made a shelving/ hooks upcycle. Something that would look fab almost anywhere in your house. Really enjoyed the painting but not the editing. Also uploaded was the Bee cushion that was popular all year round. A tutorial that is easy to follow.

I really like making the you tube videos. And I have so many ideas to share with every one, I just get myself in a pickle as I try and do them all at once! Next week is a Lamp and shade upcycle (3 different lamps) and a project bag.

My Christmas tree goes up tomorrow. Can't wait. We get a 10ft tree from a nursery near us but we have to take the van and the car. All four kids want to come and I always pick the tree. It then has to go in the van with husband and 2 children and I have the car and the other 2 kids. Will post pictures next week.

Having a huge tidy up of the downstairs of the shop tomorrow. Its a MESS! Its going to take ages but its cathartic!

Any way its Saturday and I am uploading all the fabrics into he computer..... Until next time.

Have a great week.


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