Bentley at the shop.

Well, we have had a great week taking off all old wallpaper and putting up the new. We have painted the small back room and found many dead moths! We have made a video of our progress so press the link below to watch the progress we have made.

Bentley cam along to the shop on Thursday. He was sick on the way there, weed on all the wallpaper on the floor and was sick on the way back. Why bother?

This week we are having 10 bolts of Smitten by Bonnie and Camille arriving. Bonnie and Camille are fabulous designers for Moda fabrics and their designs are colourful and bright.

We are now adding dates for workshops and lessons so look on the calendar as we are adding daily.

We start the workshops on Saturday 3rd November-very exciting

Catch up next week.

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