Building an Empire( or at least a fabric shop)

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Hello, I have started this blog in order to promote my shop, I won't lie, I need the exposure. I thought of plenty of things, you tube - using my many skills to wow you all into subscribing, Facebook- making plenty of friends and watch them all having breakfast..maybe not, and, well, Instagram and Twitter (sigh) I haven't even got there yet. So I thought of showing you my dog and Ahhhh you into my website...#cutey

Nice piece of quilting it was me. He does look cute though!

Mmm that's just silly.

I can tell you, however, that I am new to this so as we speak I have accidentally deleted the whole post and frantically trying to get it back.

A little about me- I am a enthusiastic scorpion( not a dating site) mum of 4. They are all getting on a bit- the youngest is 11 and I think that its time for me( whether they like it or not!)#freedom. I have been sewing since I can remember, my first machine at 11. My first ever sewing project was a yellow and white stripe skirt. I bought 1 metre of said fabric from the shop with my £1 pocket money, wrapped it round me and hand sewed up the sides. Not only were there gaping holes but I couldn't get it off once I had squeezed it on. I was mortified when my parents said I couldn't wear it outside but all the same I was well and truly hooked on sewing - well anything creative. #busyfingers

I have been racking my brains for ideas to make with the gorgeous fabrics I stock. Showing off my skills whilst reeling you into my fabric world.

Oh thankyou is that for me????

Cute dog still not working?

I would like to let you into my dream of a shop. I want somewhere that you can come and feel welcome. No, really. No gimmicks. I don't only want a shop but a creative space, a community space. Where anyone can pull up a chair and sew for a morning with a friend. Coffee biscuits a must. Workshops and classes available and different machine to have a go on-embroidery, Scan and Cut and the Accuquilt. I also have a scroll saw but i will leave this at home! I am so very passionate about the shop I could go on and on and often have!

At the moment my shop is online only but I am putting pennies in my money box for the big deal! In the coming weeks I would like to show you many of the different sewing and craft projects I will be making into kits or displaying in my shop. At the moment I have plenty of beautiful fabrics by designers such as Three Sisters and Kate Spain. I have wadding, cottons and some notions and have made some kits.

This is a gallery of my makes.

There is so much more. My husband can't wait to open the shop to get it all out of the house.

So, This week I am planning on making a bag kit. I have put the fabric together with pattern. I am going to make a matching purse and use it as an intensive to pull you in ha ha!(a bit sinister). No, it's a give away. I will pick from the many people(hopeful!) who subscribe to my 'Building an Empire with Winking Owl Fabric shop and I will send it to you #lucky

Oh look he crept in again ahhhh!

In the coming weeks I would like to make myself a jump suit, which I will be using a flattering pattern for someone who goes in and out in all the WRONG places. Sharing hints, tips and hacks and previous mishaps I have had whilst sewing projects. I would also like to share with you the progress of my business.

Wow all thins whilst looking after 4 kids, one husband, one house, one dog and training for a 10k in July(I'm at 6.5k at the mo!) #spinningplates

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