Happy new year

Well I have had a fab Christmas until Boxing day when I pulled my back. Good points, can't put on the washing, walk the dog, clean or tumble the clothes. Going to the loo a bit tricky though! Now I have developed a cough. Trying not to cough because my back hurts and trying not to pee myself seems to be the but of all the jokes.

I have now finished the new quilt for the window - putting in tomorrow. New fabric goes out along with a couple of new kits. The bear workshop is filling up nicely - lots of interest.

Was going to take Bentley in for a wash at Pets At Home but one of the kids gave him cream and he has had the squits for 3 days. Try again next week!

Looking forward to the new year and all the positive plans for the shop, so will see you next year.

Sorry for the brief blog......its Christmas!

Till next week.


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