Oh its cold!!

Being that I have just taken on this shop I am beginning to think that my beautiful, large single glazed windows are letting the cold in. I do love them but as I writing this it is the coldest day so far, and I'm sat with a scarf round my neck and a rag quilt on my legs. Thankfully my very kind hubby hired a big heater from Travis so not too bad.

So I finished the 'Tea Time' mini quilt. I am very pleased with it actually. In the kit, all the pieces are cut to size with the backing. You just need to add the backing and its such a small quilt that you will probably have a piece that small in your stash. This kit is going on sale for £28.50.

One lady said it was lovely applique. Not applique. Pieced blocks

I also managed to finish the lovely cushion I made by adapting the Liberty quilting pattern so that if you didn't wanted to do something so big, a cushion would feed your quilting addiction!

Just a quick one. Here is a picture of some finished quilt as you go diary covers from last Saturdays workshop.

really fabulous effort for first time quilt as you go-ers'


This week I have been searching for fur. I have some samples on the way for a very special lady. Alexandra Harper from Cloudsoft Bears. This lady makes Teddy bears. Not ordinary bears- jointed memory bears. She is so passionate about making these bears that each one has a name and she never makes the same one twice. After meeting her, I could tell how much she loves them and how much it means to her to make these memory bears. So, Alex has decided to teach how to make these special bears. Each month is a different bear and comes in a box with a certificate when complete. Her first workshop is end of January. Looking at one of her memory bears below, you can see it oozes love and affection.

An example of a Cloudsoft Bear

Alex is so looking forward to showing you how to make your own loving bear.

Example of work

Its so nice to see examples of thing you lovely crafters and sewers have made with the fabric you have bought from my shop. A lovely lady came in with samples of a quilt she has been piecing using Lilac ridge from Moda fabrics and she has done a great job!

Looking fab

Smelly Dog

Well, because we clean the dog outside with the hose and its getting a bit fresh out there.....well freezing Bentley hasn't been cleaned as often. Also where he has been malting he is getting matted and smelly. We have decided to book him in to Pets at home for a clean. We did think of mobile but, as many of you know, he won' get into the car so he definitely won't get into a van. Next week we will walk him down and get him washed. Watch this space. Until now he can sit on he other sofa!

Smelly dog!

Next week I am getting a new kit ready using this lush fabric, getting the block of the month ready and finishing a bunny doll kit to dress to your hearts content.


Until next week, snuggle up with those lovely quilts you have made with a cup of something nice and a great Christmas movie. Christmas Chronicles was a new one for me this year. Good feel good family film!


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