Oops forgot to press publish!! Christmas is coming....

Sorry for the delay in this blog i just realised i didnt press publish......

Today is the day I got out my Christmas jumper and wore it to work. Put my Christmas music on loud in the car and sand an jiggled all the way to work. I had some looks but hay its CHRIIISTMAS!!!!

My you tube for the lampbases went really well. I really enjoyed painting them actually. I am very passionate about upcycling but for a reason. I will be doing upcycled videos on things i will be using around the house or that i will be selling in the shop. I see plenty of 'trash to treasure' and 'Upcycled' videos where they obtain stuff to do up and not use it or use it for a short time and bin it....kind of defeats the object!

Moan over!

In my last you tube I made a kitting/project bag. Good size with inside and outside pockets. I have put a free pdf on the home page for this pattern so enjoy!

In the new year I will be making videos for the absolute beginner quilter. I will be recording classes similar o the ones I hold in the shop. It will run over 3 weeks and it will show piecing, basting,quilting and binding. All the skills you need to get started and then we will be doing a new block each week that is beginner friendly.

I am starting to gather together lots of up cycled decor to sell in the shop all made to decorate your home beautifully. Here is my latest Cushion.

We have a learn to overlock course in the new year for all those'mine is still in the box' sewers.

Random.....I often think that I really dont get enough excersise since having this business(no sleep either) so I think I might start running with the dog, despite having to stop to have a pee(not me!). I'm hoping to get a pro soon so I can show you how I get on. Getting Christmas out of the way first.

Next week.

I am recording my lampshade you tube for Wednesday and I will be recording upcycling a jumper-cushion, cup holder etc.

Have a great week, until next time....

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