Sewing and craft -therapy for my soul.

Well hello. Besides looking at my blog every five minutes to see how many people have visited, I have been very busy. Ideas keep popping in my head and there are bits of paper and note books with scribbles every where in the house. They're not all fab ideas but once they are on paper at least my head won't explode.

Craft and sewing is very personal, I want to introduce people to sew and craft, like food for your soul(mmm deep!). Crafting and sewing is therapy, a place to lose yourself and put your energy into something beautiful. Because it is yours, created by you and using your time(which is precious) it will be beautiful.#sewingtherapy .

I have finally finished the bumble bee bag , and kit form, ready to put onto my website. Was thinking next time putting a loop inside for car keys to be hooked into, what do you think?

Another idea was to make small purse like bag to put into the bag like this:- This bag is good for holding 5 carrier bags for those shopping occasions we all forget to have one. The purse, I made last week, will be given away next week, whilst I get my ideas for the next give away.

Oh and here is the cute dog for all those who got attached to him last week. He clearly doesn't know what to do about the weather.

Dog with bobble hat
I know the sun didn't last did it mate? Oh no my slipper!

Embroidered on t shirts for my girls. Came out very well. Used floating stabiliser but I didn't choose the design #milkshake. My embroidery machine just had a black shaded shape to indicate the design, I got it wrong, the apple was suppose to be a cupcake! oh well you live and learn. I now just download one design at a time and then I know which design it is. I would like to make my own designs in the shop so I am researching some digitising software. This month I will be trying out Sew Art , and will let you know how I get on.

Oh he crept in there again! I did, however, have a go at a larger embroidery design on my 4" hoop where I had to mark the fabric every time I moved the design. As you can see it can be done, it takes patience and a bit of working out. Here is my first attempt-

wellies embroidery
You can see all my mistakes but a tidy and finish, framed good to go!

Dress making

Dress making fabrics are also going to be stocked along with patterns and examples of sewn patterns. I have found 2 jumpsuit patterns to get on with, one for me and one for my daughter. The one chosen for my daughter is a simple design and ideal for young girls. A simple poly cotton would be lovely. When design is chosen I will post and talk you though it.

jumpsuit sewing pattern
Right for me , left for my daughter


On my website there are some beautiful fabrics, great designs by some fabulous designers. These fabrics are of good quality 100% cotton and a high thread count.

Precuts and quilting

Precuts are probably the best way to start quilting. There are so very many ways to make difficult looking projects very easily. Many people look at a quilt and think haven't got the time, effort skill, or the sanity to do a pieced quilt like the one I have to show you #trellisquilt.

As long as the same seam allowance is used(I have used1/4in) all the pieces should fit. Here I am using a 5" charm square and a 8in x 1.5 in. Fold the fabric to find the middle and always match up the seams. Follow the pictures and it will fit!

Some thing like this is quilt isn't too difficult to make.


I am now organising a beginners workshop so be run on a Saturday. We will be learning how to use a sewing machine, using zips and buttons, applique and piping. There will be a few little projects to teach you the skills for making a cushion later on in the workshop.

And so I come to the end of week 2. I am going to have a go at making some wooden hearts next week for my shop. I will also sew the jumpsuit for my daughter, learn a bit of digitising, make another easy block and there will be another great give away, with the purse going to a new home. Bentley will be creeping in there , no doubt, as he is under the table warming my feet as I type #cosyfeet.

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