Sewing bee is a coming!

Let me start by saying hooray the Sewing Bee is returning. Well, I may be the only one in my family bothered but I will be watching. No Claudia Winkleman, but as long as they are sewing I don't care. As far as I am aware they are just advertising for contestants at the moment which means it will be a while to hit our screens. #sewingbee2018


I have now organised a learn to sew class. It is organised for the 19th May at Abbeydale Community centre. Any one interested visit the Workshop page on my website.

Whilst I'm in my teaching mode I have a block to show you..

Dog lying in a doorway
If you think of escaping whilst I'm in teaching mode he has the exit blocked Ha!ha!

The Log Cabin block is very effective ad very simple but some sewers out there get the measurements wrong. So I thought i would be kind and show you step by step.

Log cabin pattern
Use the numbers as a guide.

Using 6 2 1/2 ins strips of about 25ins long, 3 white and 3 pattern, cut 2x 21/2 ins squares. One of each colour and sew them together using a 1/4ins seam. If you dont have 1/4in just use the edge of yur presser foor and keep it consistant.

Press. Measure the joined squares to get the measurement for the next pieces. Cut one of each colour. Press. Measure the pieced block to find the next measurement. You can see where Im going. Above is a pattern to follow and the pictures are a guide.


I have installed Sew Art for digitising. Well, that was fun! After opening it and thinking great lets have a go with my logo found that it is saved in PDF. I had to wait for my kids to get home from school to change the logo to jpeg. Really! J had a go and it turns out there are 249 colours in my Winkingowl logo. Wow! So I have to get it down to 15.....will let you know how that goes and will show some pics next week

Had my scroll saw out this week. Had to dust it off and see if the blade needed replacing. But had a go, much to the discussed of the dog who hid upstairs until I had finished. ahh bless!

hanging white heart with scotty dog on it
Should have had different ribbon though

So, after picking the fabric myself, I have started with the jumpsuit. Firstly I measured my daughter. This is because my usual size 8 little girl was a size 12 pattern piece.

Look onto the pattern drawings and pick the pattern that you want to make. In this case it is B and you can see that B needs a certain amount of pattern pieces. Best practice is to cut out all pattern pieces and fold and iron them number facing upward. The pattern ten shows you the best way to lay you pattern and fabric out. With nap means the fabric has a pile(velvet, cord). If you want tom keep the fabric sizes fold the edges to your size instead of cutting. The double arrow is indicating that it is cut on fold and when you see a triangle cut one the other way to make a marker. When cutting out the trousers into shorts there is usually a fold line. The long arrow is indicating that the pattern piece has to run along the straight grain(selvage edge). When cut out some markers need to be sewn in the circles marked on the pattern piece.


Last week the lovely bee purse went to Jo Burden. These purses have so many uses, money, tablets, makeup, pads,shopping bags and so on. So, I made another one. Don't get too exited! I thought this week I would give away the purse and the cabin block. Wow I hear you cry.....well, I have a back up to make you stay....

How cute! That has your attention!

this weeks give away

This weeks giveaway...sideways, haven't yet found out how to turn it so could you please tilt your head?

So that is it this week. See ya soon.

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