Sleep soon....

Even though it is fantastic that I have opened my own fabric shop, I don't think I have had a real nights sleep since. Going to sleep is fine but I'm still dreaming about fabric. How mad is that? If I am not in the shop selling I am thinking about ideas and plans for the future of my business. Fab for the business I hope but not for my noddle.

Looked on you tube today. You know how many 'make the best of you tube' videos there are? Lots!

Anyway I have been lucky enough to meet Michelle Goodfield who is a very talented crafter and quilter. She has edited magazines, written patterns and had some of her projects on the front of well known magazines.

quilt as you go.
Michelles first teaching project

Michelle will be with us a lot in the new year but her first project with the Winking Owl Fabric shop is a quilt as you go project. This diary project would not only make a lovely gift but teach you a new skill.

Michelle isn't the only clever crafter hoping to teach at the shop and I will hopefully tell you all about the others in my next blog.

I have started a quilting project that will be my first you tube project. It is a quilt made with Bonnie and Camille fabric. I will not only be showing you how easy it is to make the quilt but show you how to make the accessories for the room to match. I will be focusing on crafting for interiors, using craft to enhance your

decor on a budget. Also making your home individual without spending a fortune.

Smitten is a beautiful fabric and we will have fun making lampshades, curtains, cushions and more.

We had some first time patch workers in the class room over the last couple of weeks. We were learning disappearing 9 patch, half square triangles, quilting, basting and binding. We were using Charm Packs. I love Charm packs. There is so much you can do with them and you have the treat of having 42 squares of the same line of fabric all coordinating...lush. I used Charm packs for my Bonnie and Camille quilt and had so much fun doing it.

I have had a couple of collections arrive this week to go out in the new year. I have also got lampshade kits in. I have made lampshades plenty of times but I have never made a lampshade with a kit before. I thought that I would have my first go in front of the camera so you see how easy it really is.

I have used my scan and cut to cut out letters in Christmas fabric. The letters have adhesive backing all ready to iron on. This is a fab idea for a gift bag that can be kept to store all the opened presents until they get put away.


Just a last note. Christmas fabrics will have 10% off in December for all the last minute makes.

Well off to bed. I may even get my next idea later.

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