Stitching whilst watching the else?

I spent today starting my blog, as I've had a hectic week, and was an excuse to watch the Royal wedding whilst at my machines. Also doing it this way meant that I wasn't disturbed by any one or thing..Bentley! I'm not into the Royal Family but I did think it was a beautiful wedding and they were very lucky with the weather.

Talking of weather Bentley has been outside in his pool. At one point he was rescuing his Christmas Polar Bear.

I have finished my daughters jump suit and I think it fits her well. It looks nice and wasn't very difficult to do. However, she changed her mind about the fabric and may never wear it. Oh well, I said, at least I can use the material again for quilting! Kids!

Moda fabric, sewing, patterns
Hurry up mum!

I have started making a quilt for another of my daughters. I am making it to fit a single bed and hang down the sides. I am also using the scraps to make a lamp shade to match. Caroline by Brenda Riddle Designs by Moda fabrics has been chosen and hopefully she will still like it when it is done and not change her someone I know!

I have recently been asked to put some purse kits together for a party. I have made 12 ice creams on the front and they will have yellow batiks inside. Very summery.

Onto the Winking Owl Fabric Shop. I have a few ideas of where I would like the shop to be now. It has been quite difficult as I wanted it to fit many purposes and try to keep costs down. My fabric stock is increasing and my dining room is decreasing!

I have managed to digitise my Winking Owl eyes.

digitizing, embroidery, sewing
Pleased with first attempt.

I need to work out to applique it now. I am using Sew Art free trial. I found it really easy to use and there is plenty of You Tube videos to show you how.

Well that's it for this week. Next week I am speaking at a Brownies AGM and making tissue holders . I will have photos and examples. See ya!

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