Upcycling as a family

Hello everyone in the creative world and the others!

What a week! I have not only sold my furniture I have commissions too! I am really loving upcycling the furniture and the home decor. I think the more i do the more i believe that we should be using what we have. The money you save can be used on family outings?(or clothes and meals out!)

This is my latest piece. Its solid wood and I think it was hand made as it is slightly larger than my others. I will be leaving the top wood and painting the rest in fairy Chic-Doria. This will be a country cottage feel and will make a change from the white and grey in the window.

I have even got my kids and hubby down in the dungeon(workshop)painting furniture. My 13 year old daughter loves it and is very good.(future slave)employee!

Even though i have had some Christmas fabric in we still have had some new stock for the new year which I have put on the website. Here is a sneak peek!

I have been working on upcycling jumpers into cushions and making them more appealing, here is todays effort! Next week i will post the finished product.

I have also been making some baby quilts. I have gone for a simple pattern with more of an unusual fabric pattern. Here is the first fabric blocks. I'm using 3 different fabrics altogether.

I'm so excited to be making more you tube videos next week. The first one will be Monday. I will be upcycling a kitchen door and a shelf to make something beautiful for my daughters room so keep a look out for that.

I have also joined the Fairy Chic club this week. It is a fantastic opportunity for all those talented people out there to look at her paint products and use her platform for showing off your skills and maybe even make a tutorial yourself? Her link is

Well the week ahead is exciting too. I will be going to the Gloucester Live BIG awards so will get a new frock and do a small video of what happens to post on here next week.

So hope you enjoyed my blog and will be here next week same bat time, same bat place....... Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

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