You Tube ups and downs....

I have been uploading on you tube again for the last couple of weeks and it it a bit of a roller coasters. The uploading itself takes so long! I think I have got used to being on the camera now although I think I need to make more of an effort. Also I think I need to remember all of my links when writing at the end. When you do set you video free its holding your breath to see how many people watch it. Sometimes its a 'wow' and sometimes its a 'oh'. I do watch loads of learning 'you tube' tutorials and I am teaching myself all the time which I think is good. Research is key. I really am passionate about making upcycling more of a choice than a necessity and making things look fabulous and unique rather than put up and make do. So I will keep going and consistency is key.

Next video is upcycling some goodies that you have replaced over Christmas or have used over Christmas. Fun, Fun, Fun so love doing this!

I have had some new fabrics arrive for the new year. Really beautiful plum colours, rich for this time of year.

So looking forward to the Christmas break. I think I will definitely have a few days of doing nothing which is hard when your job is your hobby!

In the new year we will be having a sale. There will be 10% all fabrics in the shop, 20% off some fabrics and 50% Christmas fabric week beginning 6th Jan - 19th Jan.

Still planning the sewing kits for the new year. An owl cushion this week.

I am also frantickly getting stock up in the shop as well as making Christmas prezzies for family.

Short and sweet this week sorry bu Busy Busy I know how Santa feels!

See you soon


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