Scan n Cut

The Scan n Cut is a versatile crafting machine which, once learnt, can make your crafting life easier and more adventurous.  It enables you to scan, edit and create your own cutting data for cardmaking, crafting, home decor, scrapbooking and more!

Introduction to Scan n Cut

In this workshop we take you from opening the box to making your first scan and cuts. You will learn what materials come with the machine and what they do. You will also learn the basics of the inbuilt instructions and facilitate you around the Scan n Cut. We will also touch on the Scan n Cut Canvas which will expand your crafts no end!

You will need your Scan n Cut and the accessories that came with the machine.

Dates for introduction to Scan n Cut

September    Wednesday 21st 10-12


November    Monday 4th 9.30 -11.30


October    Wednesday 2nd     9.30 11.30


December    Wednesday 4th 9.30-11.30


Scan n Cut for Beginners

These workshops and designed to introduce all the types of material That you can use in the Scan n Cut. We will be making a project from each material which will be revealed on the day. You can book into any workshop and you will be emailed a week before to let you know what to bring-if anything. You will have to own a Scan n Cut and will always use the normal cutting blade and standard mat unless stated.

September  Wednesday 18th 10-12


This workshop will be how to use card. All materials are provided for you.

October  Wednesday 16th 9.30-11.30

This workshop will be working with Fabric.

All materials will be provided for this project.

November Wednesday 20th 9.30-11.30

This workshop we will be seeing how to cut vinyl with the Scan n Cut. All Materials are provided for this project.

December Wednesday 11th 9.30-11.30

This workshop will be teaching how to foil using the Scan n Cut. You will need the Universal Pen holder and Glue pens(scan n cut only). Foil will be provided.

Scan n Cut Meeting

This is a great opportunity for all Scan n Cutters to get together and swap ideas. This is an unsupervised club for all crafters to meet one another, have a coffee, cake and craft you hearts out. This meeting will be held once a month and you will need to have a scan n cut.

Each session is priced at £4 to cover the refreshments and hire. This will be paid on the night. Please contact me by the night before for numbers. 

Some materials will be available for purchase if needed.

September 7th 4.30-6.30pm/October 5th 4.30-6.30/November 2nd 4.30-6.30/December 7th 4.30-6.30

Haven't got one yet.........

If you haven't bought a Scan n Cut yet and wonder whether its the right machine for you why not come along to the meeting and let the crafters show you why they bought theirs! 

Email me if you would just like to pop along and see how much they love their Scan n Cut and how much fun you could have owning your own.